One To Zero is a worldwide open call to find innovative technological and business solutions that can fully exploit the value of integration inside Plenitude’s business model.

We are looking for startups and scaleups as well as innovative SMEs, universities spin-offs and corporates.

Plenitude is operating in the European market with a unique business model integrating renewables energy production, energy sales to retail customers and a widespread network of charging points for electric vehicles.

We aim to provide customers with fully decarbonised products and services that contribute to reducing Scope 3 emissions by also leveraging the integration and synergies of the 3 businesses.

What solutions are we looking for?


How can your solution enable new services, products and business models by integrating our existing assets and business lines?

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups
  • • Solutions to facilitate energy sales between producers, prosumers and retail customers
  • • Solutions to enable proximity services at the charging infrastructure for retail customers
  • • Solutions enabling the development of an integrated business proposition on the flexibility/demand side
  • • New electric charging models for business customers
  • • ...


How can your solution support the integration of Plenitude’s Retail, Renewables and E-mobility digital and physical assets to unlock new synergies?

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups
  • • Solutions to improve the combination and tracking of renewable generation and green energy supply
  • • Solutions to improve energy management and trading through predictive models of production and consumption curves
  • • Technological and digital solutions to optimise the management of distributed assets
  • • ...


How can your solution support our customers in becoming more aware of their environmental footprint?

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups
  • • Solutions to increase people's awareness of the emissions generated by the use of products and services
  • • Solutions to increase client engagement and encourage the adoption of virtuous behaviour
  • • ...

What’s in it for you?

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups

Collaboration opportunities

Possibility of collaborating for potential Proof of Concept (PoC), Pilot collaborations or a commercial partnership depending on the selected solution.

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups

Access to network

Access Plenitude’s expertise, knowledge, and skills to further develop your solution.

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups

Gain visibility

Visibility through Plenitude’s media and communication channels.

One To Zero Challenge for Startups and Scaleups

Direct access to ZERO ACCELERATOR

Only for startups: direct access to the Selection Day of ZERO ACCELERATOR, the Italian cleantech accelerator of CDP, skipping the first screening process.

Who is our ideal partner: requirements

What we are looking for in a partner:

  • Incorporated companies with a growing and ambitious team
  • The ability to pilot/POC within a few months after being selected
  • Strong interest in collaborating with and alignment with Plenitude’s values
  • No geographical restrictions, preferably operating in EU
  • TRL: preferably 6+


October 13th, 2022


November 4th, 2022

Application deadline

From December 16th, 2022


From January 9th to 20th, 2023


End of January, 2023


March, 2023

Innovation Day & Winners Announcement


What is the One To Zero challenge?

One To Zero Challenge is a platform launched to solicit startups and scaleups to collaborate with Plenitude in finding innovative solutions to enable new products and services by integrating the 3 core business (Retail, Renewables and E-mobility) of Plenitude.

Who is One To Zero Challenge targeted to?

This challenge is an open call for startups and scaleups as well as innovative SMEs, universities spin-offs and corporates.

If I don't have a prototype or don't meet TRL 6+ requirement, can I still apply?

Yes, your application will still be accepted. However, it is preferred that you have a validated concept and a working prototype. Please be sure to describe where you are in the process of developing a working prototype and the associated challenges that you are facing.

Do we have to submit all the files requested?

Yes, all the files requested on the application will be reviewed and required for a complete submission.

When is the application deadline?

November 4th is the deadline to fill in a basic/concise application form. Unknown Group team will follow up with you if you are selected for the second application round, where we will ask you for more information, to be provided by November 25th.

When should I expect to find out if I am a finalist?

During February 2023. You will be kept informed on all important dates and details of the process throughout the next months.

How does the selection work? And who will review our application?

During every selection round, experts from Plenitude and Unknown Group will review the applications. The solutions that are in scope and relevant will be invited for the second application round to gather more information. Based on the collected data, we will ask the most promising companies for an interview with the business lines of Plenitude. The solutions with the highest impact on Plenitude businesses will be invited for the the final selection day.

Is an interview necessary during the selection process?

Yes, once the application window closes, we will shortlist and contact the applicants to arrange interviews with Eni Plenitude’s business lines.